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gluten-img-v111-321x334.png Maggi now have a new gluten free range that has been ensorsed by Coeliac Australia.        

 Maggi state - ""We have created 7 recipes (Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Chasseur, Chilli con Carne, Mexican nachos, Mince Cottage Pie, Satay Chicken, and Lamb Ragout. ) so that they are now suitable for a gluten free diet. These changes included replacing wheat flours, with other natural starches, like corn flour, that we can find in our kitchen cupboard."

  For the full information visit www.maggi.com.au







Slendier Noodles and Pasta.

Are you trying to cut back on your carbohydrates to lose weight?   Well maybe this product is just the answer!!   Noodle Style made from Konjac vegetable by Slendier.

This product is very similar to rice noodles without the carbohydrates.   Boasting only 8 calories per 100 grams.  It is a tasty gluten free treat to aadd to soups or stir-frys without adding extra calories.


 Slendier Noodles are made from a vegetable called Konjac (pronounced con-jack).   Konjac is a 


dietary staple in many Asian countries.   It is commonly referred to as “devils tongue” due to its unusual appearance.   This product is often used to assist with weight loss. 

 Konjac is extremely low in calories, high in fibre and low in fat so it is ideal for people trying to lose weight.   This product is suitable for coeliacs and vegans.   Slendier have other products in their range such as rice style, spaghetti, angel hair, fettuccine and lasagne sheets.   Imagine all the recipes you can make!!








"Gluten Free" Weet Bix!!  Is that even possible?  If you were a lover of Weet-Bix in the past well you are in luck once again.

Sanitarium Weet-Bix is now avaialble in "Gluten Free".   The product is clearly labelled "Gluten Free", so dont selelct the original Weet-Bix as these are not gluten free.

The "Gluten Free" Weet-Bix is made from a naturally gluten free grain - sorghum.   The product has added sunflower seeds and puffed rice.


This product gets the thumbs up and is well worth trying!!!







Crisp'ns Crackers by Fantastic

I found these exciting new crackers at the deli/supermarket.   They are available in six different flavours - Original, Cheese, Barbeque, Salt and Balsamic Vinegar, Sour Cream and chives,  and Sweet Chilli and sour cream.  Try them and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.   They can be eaten by themselves or with cheese or any gluten free dip.