Safe and Unsafe foods

Hopefully by now you are on your way to discovering lots of different types of food that can be eaten on a gluten free diet.   For example you can eat fresh vegetables, dairy and meats and lots of other products that are marked gluten free. 

So lets take a look at some other products where your first reaction might be, YES that is safe to eat or NO that is not safe.

Wine, cider, spirits – Yes, you can drink malt scotch whisky.

Foods that are safe

Polenta – made from ground yellow or white cornmeal (ground maize)
Mighty Might (Vegemite substitute), nutella, jam, honey, peanut butter, plain potato chips, plain corn chips
Candy floss/fairy floss or Cotton Candy
Pure icing sugar
Candy Corn (Goelitz)
Jelly Belly's
Jelly and gelatine
Whey powder - as it is made from cow's milk
Cappuccino - you must ask for NO chocolate to be sprinkled on top as this may contain gluten (barley or wheat) 
Wheat germ oil 
Eggs -if a chicken is fed a grain such as wheat or barley that contains gluten, any gluten is broken down by the digestion process and will not be absorbed into the chicken's tissues or their eggs.   This also applies for all animals i.e. beef that are feed a grain diet.
Nuts (plain), Mixed nuts salted
Glucose syrup and caramel color (even if derived from wheat)
Condensed milk
Coconut milk and Coconut cream
Plain coffee, tea, cocoa powder
Artificial sweeteners
Psyllium, Slippery Elm, Linseed, Sesame and Almond (LSA) (good source of fibre)


Foods to avoid (except for varieties that are marked/made "Gluten-Free")

Rice Bubbles – contains barley malt extract
Corn Flakes – contains barley malt extractIcing Sugar mixture (wheat starch) 
Vegemite, Marmite and Promite – contains malt extract
Communion Wafers/Host - contains wheat flour
Ice cream wafers or cones
Tabouli - contains Burghul which is wheat that has been steamed, dried and cracked
Couscous - made from potato but mixed with semolina (coarsely ground durum wheat)
Vermicelli noodles made from wheat
Malt vinegar
Spelt breads and products (made from wheat)
Malted milk
Malt flavoring
Milo - made from malted barley
Batter or tempura using wheat flour
Spaghetti (tinned)
Fruit Mince pies


Foods that need to be checked (Some product brands will have a gluten source where other brands (of the same food) will not.   Get to know what brands are safe:

Commercially made tinned soups, stock cubes and gravy mixes
Drinking Chocolate
Processed cold meats e.g. Ham, Fritz, Devon
Tinned Baked Beans
Marshmallows – some varieties contain wheat starch
Pavlova or meringue – ensure that “wheaten cornflour” has not been used as this is not gluten free. 
Popcorn – the plain or buttered type. Check ingredients for the candy coated popcorn
Licorice - some varieties contain wheat flour
Non dairy whiteners and creamers - coffee creamers
All bottled sauces - for example worcestershire, soya, oyster, plum sauce
Instant potato
Chocolate - for example you can eat plain Cadbury or Hershey chocolate but you cannot eat Lindt chocolate as Lindt contains malt extract from barley in it.  Filling's need to be checked if included in any plain or dark chocolate
Dry roasted nuts
Curry Powder
Soy milk
Coffee with added flavors
Seafood extendor, seafood sticks, crab sticks (seafood salad mix)
Sushi rolls - for example:  you need to check the mayonnaise, any sauces used for teriyaki chicken, seafood extender in California Rolls.  It is safer to stick with fresh tuna, smoked salmon, egg, avocado.

For further information on what ingredients you can eat, read Understand and Reading Labels