Morning Tea/Office Farewells

Work morning teas can be an opportunity for work colleagues to catch up over a cuppa and a piece of cake. This can, however, be a time someone with celiac disease 'dreads'.  Everyone else is enjoying the goodies and you are left to watch. Well, that is not how it has to be anymore.

Gluten free products are becoming more and more available. Major supermarkets or wholefood supermarkets have a large range of packet cookies and cakes. Health food shops and local delicatessens have many locally made gluten free products. These goodies are very tasty and a lot of time your office colleagues would not be able to taste the difference.  Examples of a few brands are: Orgran, Freedom and Leda.

If the office is putting on the morning tea, may be you could let them know where they can buy gluten free biscuits, cookies, cakes etc, or offer to do the shopping.

If everyone is bringing a plate, maybe you could bake a packet gluten free cake. A few good brands are Basco, Deliciously Free and Orgran.   You can then sit back and wait for the compliments to come in as they will think you are a “master chef”. They will not realise how easy it really is to bake a gluten free cake.  

To make people aware that some items are gluten free on your table, you could put a label next to it, or place all the gluten free food together.

You will be surprising at how much awareness you will be creating towards gluten free food. The next morning tea, more people will also start to bring in gluten free cakes, biscuits etc. That way, everyone can join in and nobody has to miss out.

Remember – fresh fruit cut up and arranged on a plate is also a healthy and easy option for all attendees at an office function.

For the recipe of an easy tasty slice to take to the next work morning tea go to Recipes