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Gluten Free Global Community - We truly are a Gluten Free GlobalCommunity. So browse around, meet new bloggers, make new friends, get inspiration and support. Let’s communicate with one another!   What else could we call ourselves but the Intolerable Food Co.?  Created in 2005 to cater for people with gluten and dairy intolerances, our meals,  as well as being gluten free and dairy free, are also additive and preservative free because they are all freshly cooked and then blast frozen.  This preserves the natural blend of flavours of the cooking process and the nutritional goodness of the ingredients. 

Celiac Disease - Keep Kids Healthy - a Pediatrician's guide to keeping your kids healthy

Glutenfree Bakery - At Glutenfree Bakery we produce products that are not only Gluten free, but also Allergy free and manufactured in a Gluten free environment.    Information and advice on caravans, campertrailers, motorhomes, accessories and all things to do with travel. Hints and tips on a variety of RV topics.