High Tea

Normally, 'High Teas' are a gluten haven and are given a wide berth by celiac people but this is sad as these can be just great functions, especially for a birthday party for your elderly parents or aunts/uncles. So what happens when we want to attend these functions – do we just drink the tea and coffee. No!!! With a little preparation you may be able to have your own feast.

You need to call and speak to the Chef/Matre de and let them know you are attending the High Tea and ask if they cater for a gluten free diet. Most 'High Teas' are held at well respected premises (i.e. Hotel chains like Marriott, Intercontinental) that take great pride in their food and level of service.

Alot of the time if they know in advance, they will make up an assortment of gluten free goodies for you to enjoy. It may be a special tray delivered to your table for you to personally enjoy or there may be a special section on a buffet that is gluten free. Normally in this case it would be marked gluten free – e.g. orange and almond cake.There is nothing worse than paying your money to attend and when you get there you are not able to eat anything.   This will only leave you feeling resentful and you then may be tempted to eat non-gluten food.   A decision you would soon regret!!