Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties are always a little difficult. Sometimes too many drinks and not enough food is a dangerous combination for most people; let alone someone who needs to be gluten free as well.
What we need is a few strategies:

  1. An option is to call your host/function centre and advise them of the requirement for  gluten free food. Most places can accommodate this request if given prior warning.
  2. On arrival at the function identify yourself to the waiter/server that gluten free food is required and it has been requested prior.   This will allow the wait staff to recognise you when the food is being served and can serve only the food that is gluten free.




Do not feel self conscious about bringing out a gluten free muesli bar – it could save you from embarrassing moments later on.   It is not always possible to arrange gluten free food and therefore most of the food would contain gluten.   If this is the case and this is known prior, ensure a good meal is eaten before arrival at the function.  It is also recommended to take a few gluten free snacks that can be eaten throughout the function like - rice crackers or nuts.

If you are not sure what food is available, always go prepared with snacks.  It is better to take them and not need them than go hungry and consume alcohol on an empty stomach.