Many restaurants offering buffets are great for family gatherings, especially when children are involved. So how do we manoeuvre tactically around each dish without eating some form of hidden gluten?

Lets take a closer look at two well known buffet chains - Wendy's and Sizzler. Both have restaurants world wide and are places you could easily eat at while at home or away on holidays.

The most efficient way of finding out what is gluten free on the menu, would be to  go  directly to the web site.

Wendy's Family Restaurants

Go to www.wendys.com/food/Menu.jsp,  click on the food tab, then nutrition facts- this will lead to nutrition topics. Here you can then view menu items without Gluten.

Sizzler - USA

Go to www.sizzler.com. click on menu, select a food item; this will lead to nutritional information chart indicating wheat.

Sizzler – Australia

Go to www.sizzler.com.au View the Frequently Asked Questions and Allergen information. This is a general information statement only. At the time of writing the menu this was currently being updated therefore individual item information was not available.

To assist when information is not available on the web site, an Allergen book is normally available from the restaurant. On arrival at the restaurant, ask to view the book and then you can select food with confidence.  Ask for assistance, if necessary, from the wait staff.

The exercise that we have conducted on these two restaurants can be performed on any restaurant you are wishing to dine in. It is proof that it is possible to eat a large range of gluten free food, safely, at a buffet. 

It is a good idea to print out any gluten free or wheat free menus from the web sites and take it with you to the restaurant. That way, you are not relying on your memory and you will not have to worry about accidentally eating food that contains gluten.

If all else fails, stick to fresh salad items and make up your salad with ingredients you know are gluten free. Remember to pay particular attention to cross contamination when eating from such areas.